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Developing Leadership Capacities During Outbound Camping Adventure

Surya, Grade XI, Manikaji School

On March 4, 2024, the Student Council (OSIS) had a camping trip to Bali Woso Outbound in Pengotan Village, Bangli Regency to upskill the capacity and leadership of the core 26 OSIS (student Council) members. Upon arrival we began with team- building activities focused on motivation, teamwork, focus, and trust.

The next day, we started with morning exercises followed by an educational program led by the Bali Woso team to learn about bamboo species and uses, organic composting, waste management, and visited local facilities including post-harvest processing gardens and a traditional herbal medicine laboratory. We also had the opportunity to learn traditional handicraft skills with local Pengotan residents. We gained new knowledge from all the day’s visited and activities, which we will apply when we return home.

What I enjoyed most was the bonfire at night, where my friends and I gathered together to play games, sing, and dance while having a barbecue. It was an unforgettable night.

Grateful for this enriching experience, expressing our gratitude to EBPP school for organizing the trip and to the Bali Woso team for their amazing trainings, activities and generous hospitality.  I hope this adventure helps me grow personally and as an OSIS member.

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