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I am pleased to share with you our 2023 key achievement and milestones, which we could not have achieved without your help. I hope you enjoy reading


In 2023, we continued our integrated education for almost 200 children in elementary, junior and senior high school levels in our six remote community schools, introducing more dynamic and interactive techniques to give these motivated students a fresh slant to the national mandatory subjects as well as the integrated life skills they need to empower them for a better future. We continued teaching a wide range of extra curricula subjects in health, hygiene, sanitation, art, music, Balinese dance, etc. from elementary through to high school graduation.

188 students studied at 6 EBPP schools
16 students graduated senior high school in June 2023  
2 graduates won scholarships to university


As we embark on a new year filled with hope and commitment, it brings us immense joy to reflect on the remarkable milestones achieved through the Youth Empowerment Program in 2023. This year has been a testament to the power of education, advocacy and community engagement in fostering positive changes. Here is a glimpse of the transformative journey we undertook together:

51 students improved their skills on internet safety and social media campaigns and joined digital activism concerning  child marriage, school dropout, local dirt road upgrades and tree planting
3 of the 19 customary villages ratified their pararem (customary law) regarding child marriage
51 students advocated for gender equality, combatting harassment, violence, stopping school dropout and child marriage by making youth commitments through a Handprint Petition
  • 51 students participated in presentations beyond EBPP Communities

  • 51 students participated in monthly discussions in their respective communities through parent engagement activities regarding children's rights, gender equality, SRHR services and counselling, and strategies to eradicate child marriage with a total of 155 parents participating

  • 138 students had regular computer lessons with our experienced Computer Teacher

  • 77 students participated in ‘Creative Projects’ where they develop various creative works in music, digital journalism, short films and tree planting in barren mountain slopes


In 2023, the fourth year of our five-year malnutrition study “Developing a Family Model Approach Method in Dealing with Nutritional Problems in Ban Village” in collaboration with Udayana University Faculty of Medicine, the main activities were applying the developed model and investigating the impact of our 2021 and 2022 ‘family model approach’ trial interventions.

61 breastfeeding mother families with children under two years and 30 pregnant women’s families involved in family nutrition education and training program
86 adolescent females participated in the peer education program
230 adolescent females, families of pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers were monitored and measured


In collaboration with YPK Bali: professional physiotherapists provided regular therapy services for children and adults with disabilities, as well as continuing to educate the parents in therapeutic movements that they can apply at home.

11 children and 34 adults with disabilities received weekly physiotherapy
ENT services: Collaborating with YPK Bali’s Bali Rungu Program, provided ear examination and treatment for 1,202 children, ensuring they are free from the risk of deafness; 770 fun booklets about hearing health were distributed.


With the help of dryland permaculture experts, we provided field workshops and hands-on dry-land training and practice to EBPP Manikaji middle and high school students including land preparation, cutting terraces, making solid and liquid organic fertilizers, planting trees, creating nutritious vegetable gardens, pest identification, sustainable harvesting, seed saving, etc. for Sustainable Soil Fertility, Water Retention, Food Security & Climate Resilience

Thank you once again for your support in 2023 and I hope you can continue supporting us in 2024.

With gratitude




David J Booth MBE

Founder, Trustee & CEO

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