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EBPP Program is my Golden Opportunity

Tini, 10th grade, Manikaji School

As an EBPP student, I feel very grateful for the opportunity given to acquire academic knowledge and improve skills according to my interests. This valuable opportunity is gained through youth empowerment programs, which are specifically designed to prepare students for the professional field by providing an in-depth understanding of gender equality, the dangers of early marriage, and honing creativity through making documentary videos, posters, and even creating original songs.

The importance of this program is also reflected in our privilege to obtain a comprehensive agricultural education. We learned how to transform our arid volcanic ash land to arable land, produce solid and liquid organic compost, and cultivate nutritious vegetables using organic methods. The programs provided by EBPP not only provide knowledge, but also enriching experience. This is an aspect that I sincerely appreciate, realizing that this kind of experience may not be easily accessible in a formal school setting.

Through the EBPP initiative, we not only become academically skilled students, but also individuals who understand social issues and have practical skills relevant for our future. Thanks to EBPP for opening doors to these opportunities and helping us grow into more developed individuals.


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