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Empowering Education: Projects Spark Creativity & Learning

I Nengah Edi Catra, Science teacher

School projects are an essential activity that lead students to deeper understanding, broad skill development, and discovery of their creativity. To achieve these goals and to implement the independent curriculum, every teacher at EBPP assigns projects according to their respective subjects within specified time frames. As a science teacher, I provide engaging projects with themes like "Converting Wind Energy into Motion" and "Metamorphosis." Our students work in groups, fostering cooperation and sharpening problem-solving skills. The results are truly remarkable: within the designated time, they successfully create creative works such as wind-powered cars and deliver presentations on butterfly metamorphosis.

Moreover, these projects serve as tools for me to evaluate student’s understanding of the material taught. Thus, we not only provide valuable learning experiences for students but also offer opportunities for teachers to track their progress. Let us continue to innovate in education through inspiring projects that build a smarter and more creative future generation.

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