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Finally, I got my first Career, Personality, and Aptitude Test!

By: Komang Nyos, Bunga School Senior High, Grade 12. 19 years old

On 21st February 2022, I finally got the results of the Career, Personality, and Aptitude Test I took on 24th January, with 28 other 11th and 12th grade students in EBPP Ban Office to meet the PSIKO Udayana Institute of Applied Psychology psychologist team. The other students were as excited as I was since it would be our first time to know better about our career interest, personality, and aptitude.

We were divided into five groups and each group was accompanied by one psychologist who explained our results. When we met the psychologist, I was so nervous, same as when I get my report book every semester. I was so worried: What if I get bad results? What if the test results turn out to be much different from my desired career goals?

I realised I’d no need to be nervous when the psychologist greeted us warmly. He was very kind and explained our test results clearly and carefully. We had a long and pleasant conversation. He asked about our feelings and I told him that I was nervous; then he showed us the most complicated chart I have ever seen. He explained that the chart and its pattern showed which students’ aptitude and personality stood out the most and what kind of career development suits us best. From the chart and explanation from the psychologist, I also knew what skills I need to improve.

I am so satisfied with the result of my Career, Personality, and Aptitude Test. I feel like I know myself better after reading the result many times - and most importantly, I know which skills I am still lacking and am committed to improving them in order to achieve my dream!

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