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Updated: Aug 22, 2023

By: Ponirin, EBPP Mathematics Teacher

Enhancing student learning outcomes is a key concern for educators. Employing a fusion of problem-based game tournaments can amplify students’ cognitive abilities and foster critical thinking. These tournaments necessitate verbal responses, refining students’ articulation skills. Problem-based learning anticipates that students will confront and surmount challenges, thereby enriching their learning journey, broadening their knowledge, and bolstering their active participation.

The integration of Team Game Tournaments and Problem-Based Learning models is particularly effective in mathematics education. Through this approach, students are organized into groups using study cards. The enthusiastic and confident participation of all students in the game tournaments enlivens the entire process, imbuing it with joy, laughter, and a fervent thirst for knowledge. As an educator, witnessing this level of motivation further inspires me.

May the education imparted prove beneficial for students’ future pursuits and leave an indelible mark in their memories.

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