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Increasing self-confidence by learning Balinese

Wyn Suteja, EBPP Balinese teacher

Writing, reading, and speaking skills all play a central role in language learning, including the Balinese language. After first teaching the technique of writing Balinese script to EBPP students, my focus shifts to developing their Balinese reading and speaking skills.


Learning begins with speech material. After explaining the theory and constructing sentences in Balinese, I ask each student to make a speech on a topic of their choice in Balinese and they take turns reading it in front of the class. Some students however lack confidence and  are hesitant and nervous in case their speech generates laughter from their classmates. To overcome these problems, I look for ways to build up their confidence.


It is important to convince students that taking the first step in speaking is the key. There is no punishment for those who speeches are not perfect. Mistakes are considered as opportunities for teachers to help with improvements, with one simple rule: do not repeat the same mistakes.


Through this approach, students’ confidence builds and they find the courage. Each student who presented was received applause from classmates as a tribute to their confidence in overcoming fear. This success creates a more comfortable learning environment, and we hope this experience shapes them into brave and confident individuals,

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