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Inspiring Educational Journey at EBPP Schools

By Sewi, Student grade XII EBPP Jatituhu school

As soon as I was about to graduate, mixed feelings of happiness and sadness came over me as I thought about my next move. I am very grateful for my education at EBPP, both academic and practical. Thank you to all the staff, management, and teachers who have patiently educated me.

At EBPP, I gained academic knowledge and practical skills through EMpower class projects such as video making, film, photography, song recording, as well as lessons on sexual and reproductive health rights. Computer lessons equipped me with essential digital skills. Counseling activities taught me to work in teams and expand social networks.

Through the Student Council (OSIS), I learned organizational leadership and management, shaping me into a more confident person. EBPP Jatituhu School not only provides academic knowledge but also skills and attitudes to succeed in life. This school is where future dreams began to be built.

With all that I have learned at EBPP, I feel ready to face future challenges with optimism. Thank you, EBPP, for all this valuable experience. I believe I can face the future with confidence.

Thank you, EBPP, for all this valuable experience. The future is a challenging mystery, but with a strong foundation, I believe I can face it with confidence

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