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Learning Economics by Brainstorming Methods

Ni Kadek Lina Meri, EBPP Economics teacher

Economics subjects play an important role in the student curriculum because they introduce the basic principles of economics, economic policy, and social and environmental issues.


However, it is often liked less by students, causing a lack of motivation to learn. As an economics teacher, I ask my students to brainstorming the topics before delivering the learning materials, allowing students to actively participate by providing their ideas or opinions. Students are asked to relate the material to everyday life, connecting it to surrounding events or issues they encounter on social media.


With this approach, I hope that students can realize the relevance of economics in their lives, not just for academic achievements at school. In doing so, they may develop an intrinsic motivation to study this subject after graduating high school, by seeing its practical value in understanding the ever-changing world around them.


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