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My Journey at EBPP School: Learning, Leading, Growing

By: Adi, Grade 10 Student, EBPP Manikaji School

I'm Adi, a 10th grade student. at Manikaji school. I feel very lucky to be in this school, because unlike other schools, in addition to studying academics subject, EBPP schools prioritize learning extra-curricular life skills. One example is Manikaji agricultural program, where we’ve learned about how to cultivate dry land by making terraces on sloping land, with Vetiver grass on the edges to prevent erosion and landslide during the rainy season and how to make organic compost. After that, I learned how to plant and take care of various vegetable seedlings until harvesting. After I learned all the processes, I taught my parents to cultivate their personal land, so that they could produce many types of vegetables to meet the family's food needs.

In school I also learned to play music with my favorite instrument the guitar and with my schoolmates I learnt to compose a song, then sing it together at an important school event. It's nice to be able to sing in public – and get great applause!

I also had the opportunity to learn to cook as a special school activity created by our teachers at school. With my school friends, we looked for local ingredients such as vegetables and spices, to cook together. After the teachers judged the dishes, I ate together with my friends. Previously I didn't like to cook, but after this, I was confident enough to cook at home, and taught my mother in choosing ingredients locally that contain enough nutrients to eat as a family meal

I am very happy to be a part of this school, and I hope to one day be a child that makes my parents proud and learns a lot for my best future.

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