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By: I Wayan Suteja, Balinese language teacher of EBPP.

The Mother Language Festival is an event held in Indonesia to promote and celebrate regional languages and cultures. The festival aims to raise awareness about the importance of preserving local languages in the midst of rapid globalization and modernization. In this festival activity, various competitions were held in Karangasem and EBPP as well as other non-formal education NGO’s throughout the district were invited to compete.

In this festival organized by our regional Education Office, six EBPP students participated and competed in three contests: storytelling in Balinese language, writing Balinese script on lontar palm leaves, and writing and reading poetry in Balinese language.

I’m proud to report that EBPP students won 2nd place and 3rd place in the Balinese storytelling competition for junior high school; 3rd place in the Balinese script writing competition for junior high school level, and 3rd place in the Balinese poetry writing and reading competition for the high school level.

We hope that the contest at this festival will provide a valuable experience that enriches students' knowledge, skills, and character, as well as fosters a love and pride for the local culture.

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