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Stimulating Creativity and Appreciation of Culture through Art

By: I Wayan Suteja, EBPP Hindu teacher

As the final exam approached, I decided to commission a project that not only complements the students' psychomotor skills assessment but also stimulates their creativity and appreciation for Balinese culture. This activity was carried out at various grade levels with the aim of maintaining enthusiasm in the art of Balinese writing.

I assigned junior high school students to write the Balinese script, including the use of punctuation marks and numbers. This process involves calligraphy techniques that require fine motor skills and precision. Students are given the freedom to use sketchbooks and color the scripts they create, which not only enriches the visual experience but also helps them get to know the shape and meaning of the Balinese script. Balinese script is one of the important aspects of cultural heritage that needs to be understood and appreciated by the younger generation.

Meanwhile, high school students were given a more challenging task: drawing the weapon "Dewata Nawa Sanga" (the names of Gods in Hinduism), which are revered in ancestral traditions. These weapons include various attributes of the gods in Hinduism such as tridents, chakras, and maces, each of which has a deep symbolic meaning. Through this assignment, students not only learn about more complex drawing techniques but also understand the symbolism and values contained in these sacred weapons. This activity encourages them to appreciate and respect the sacred teachings and cultural heritage of their ancestors.

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