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Students’ Annual Ear Health Examinations

By Yusli Harini, Health Team Leader

On 15 October, in partnership with YPK Bali’s Bali Rungu program, we conducted annual ear examinations for 94 students at SD 8 Ban and EBPP Pengalusan school. The team addressed various ear issues, including the removal of foreign objects, earwax removal, and treatment for ear infections.

Dr. Yoga, the only ENT specialist in Karangasem Regency, emphasized the importance of these examinations, due to children’s vulnerability in these area facing increased risks due to poor sanitation and very dusty conditions in Ban Village and the absence of local ear doctors.

Alongside medical interventions, students received an informative ear health booklet. Covering different ear parts and offering guidance on maintenance, the booklet, enriched with visuals and coloring activities, not only educates but also made learning enjoyable. This holistic approach aims not only to reduce the risk of ear problems but also to empower students with essential knowledge about their ear health.

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