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The Meaning of Nyepi in Pengalusan during Pandemic

By: Ms Senin, EBPP 12th grade Pengalusan School

An awaited day has come; a big day for me and all Hindus, which is celebrated at every turn of the Balinese Saka Calendar, which is Nyepi Day. During a pandemic like today, carrying out Nyepi holidays is not the same as usual days, especially in terms of mass mobilization. Usually, I joined the prayer procession that is accompanied by an Ogoh-Ogoh parade which will add to the lively atmosphere. But that does not apply to the current situation where everything must be limited.

In addition, my family and I prepare several dishes the day before Nyepi. We provide some dishes to eat during Nyepi - because Nyepi is a full day (24 hours) when we can’t make any more dishes. And after the sun rises on the eastern horizon, then we start celebrating Nyepi. When celebrating Nyepi, my village will turn into complete silence since all people have to stay at their houses to do the Catur Brata Penyepian (4 things that should not be done) such as; not traveling, not doing activities/working, and not doing activities that can pollute the body/enjoying various entertainments such as turning on music/television and not being allowed to turn on lights or fires.

I am very happy to be able to celebrate Nyepi with my family at home even though it is still in a pandemic situation and I hope everyone would also have a great time as I do.

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