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The Spirit of Welcoming National Education Day

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

By: Nova, Grade 8, EBPP Cegi School

It’s now April 2023, which means the special event of Indonesia National Education Day on 2nd May, which EBPP schools celebrate every year, is around the corner. Activities we are preparing for this celebration include academic competitions, art competitions, and student talent shows.

This year’s National Education Day is more exciting for me because I will participate in the music performance for the first time! To show the best for the audience, my music group worked extra hard by practicing every day. We started our practice by selecting the songs, then moved to the guitar chords, creating harmony between the music and the singer, and arranging some choreography. Our music group has prepared two songs, that hopefully could entertain the audience who will come to this celebration event.

On this occasion, I would also like to thank EBPP for continuously helping and giving the chance to the children in Ban Village to improve themselves through education as well as other soft skills like music so that we can perform and show our talents to the public.

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