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2023 Malnutrition Study: First Pregnant Women’s Family Gathering

By Nengah Srigampil, EBPP Midwife

The 5-year malnutrition study “Developing family-based nutrition intervention in Ban Village” in collaboration with Udayana University Medical Faculty is now in the 4th year, with the main activity being to test the family models piloted since 2021 to the new participants. As a major part of the study, we conducted the Family Gatherings of Pregnant Women, involving 30 pregnant women, accompanied by their husband and/or mother-in-law, etc. The family gathering will be held in 3 stages over 3-month period, with one visit per month at each participant’s home.

On March 1st, 2023, led by EBPP midwife, we started our first visit by taking their anthropometric measurements (body weight, height, and mid-upper arm circumference), filling out a questionnaire and pre-test. We then provided education about chronic energy deficiency, anaemia, and iodine deficiency during pregnancy. An emotional-demonstration game called ATIKA (a game comparing the amount of iron content in chicken liver, eggs, and fish against rice) was also used with the participants.

Like 2022’s participants, we found that these participants also lacked knowledge about nutritional problems during pregnancy - but they enthusiastically participated and were very focused in each session.

This year, we faced different obstacles as I (EBPP midwife) was in my second trimester of pregnancy when we started this activity, which required going more carefully through damaged dirt roads to meet participants. However, this did not discourage us, as we are encouraged by the positive response from every participant we met. As a result, with great satisfaction, we were able to complete the first family gathering to all 30 families by 27 March.

Look forward to more news stories at the second phase of the family gatherings soon!

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