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4 years of Community Development Learning Process with EBPP

by: Darsana, Assistant Health Team Leader

Since joining EBPP’s Health Team on 12 August 2019 aiming to make an impact on our Desa Ban communities, I have learned a lot about the process of sustainable community development in health. EBPP’s tagline “Please Help Us to Help Them Help Themselves” always reminds me to continue helping the people in communities so that each one can be empowered and able to be a model solution for other communities in Ban Village.

Throughout my 4 years of working with EBPP I conducted several programs: Posyandu (Monthly mother-infants health post), Home visits to malnourished children’s families, Dental (annual dental check-up at Ban village’s 14 schools), annual ENT school programs, YPK Mobile Physiotherapy Clinics, Malnutrition Study, etc., so I really gained a lot of experience that I can use to help other communities someday.

For all my family at EBPP and the Ban Village Community, thank you very much for being part of my learning journey so far, and if there is something wrong during my process, please forgive me. Thanks for your support to continue my education as a Master of Public Health candidate so that in the future we can create more impact on the community in East Bali and other areas.

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