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By Ni Putu Nova Agustiari, School Counsellor

I feel lucky to have been part of the Education team at the East Bali Poverty Project since August 23, 2021 making me learn and adapt in a new family environment with the Ban village community. During the 2 years living with the Ban village community, I developed my social skills and many valuable changes occurred in my life.

One of my unforgettable memories was when the earthquake occurred on 16 Oct 2021 at Ban Village; it wasn’t even 2 months since I joined, but the students contacted me just after it happened. This made me realize that my existence had an impact on them.

Another valuable experience that I got, EBPP gave me the opportunity to share my ideas and creativity to build an English extra-curricular “English Club” with Ms. Dita and Ms. Lina; and especially David J. Booth has supported me and directed me to be able to pass on my knowledge to EBPP students. Currently, the English Club member have appeared 2 times at major EBPP events. With the tagline “Confident, clever and creative” EBPP students have grown and developed in the confidence and creative ideas they have. This is an experience I will never forget.

During my time at EBPP, Ban village became my second home. I thank all EBPP staffs and Ban village community for giving me valuable and unforgettable experiences. I hope that EBPP and other parties can help these disadvantaged community to be able to continue to live a better and hopeful life.

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