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Achieving Behaviour Change at Family Level

By: I Wayan Darsana, Assistant Health Team Leader

Behaviour change is one of the expected outcomes of our 5-year Nutrition Studies in partnership with the Faculty of Medicine of Udayana University in solving infant nutrition problems in Ban Village. To achieve this behaviour change outcome, we educate families to stop giving unhealthy snacks to their children and replace them with locally available healthy snacks, such as fruit, boiled sweet potato, pumpkin, or local food processed at home.

After participating in the “Unhealthy Snacks” demonstration, one of the families we educated from Pengalusan Hamlet felt compelled to stop feeding unhealthy snacks to their children and replaced them with local food that they processed themselves. After a month of implementing this healthy snacking habit, their child is now become healthier, their appetite has increased, and they have not been sick for a month.

We are so excited to share this success story and hope that the family in this story can become a role model in providing healthy snacks to children under 2 years old in their neighbourhood and Pengalusan Hamlet.

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