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Advocating Against Child Marriage Through Music

Puspa, Grade IX, Pengalusan School

My friends and I recorded music on February 4, 2024, in Tejakula, Buleleng, as part of the EMpower Creative Program where we chose musical works to convey aspirations regarding issues in the village.


It was my first experience participating in a music group and the recording process. I was very happy because I had loved music since elementary school. I was inspired by my cousin who played musical instruments so well during school performances, further motivating me to develop my musical skills, especially in playing the guitar.


In the EMpower Creative Program, we campaign against child marriage which is still prevalent in our village, especially among girls. We wanted the community to be aware that getting married at a young age had severe negative impacts. For instance, when a girl gives birth at a young age, the baby could be born premature, their growth could be stunted, and there could be other issues such as difficulties in finding good jobs due to lack of education, leading to economic hardships for families and maybe domestic violence.


The song-making process took around 2 months, starting from brainstorming lyrics and determining suitable melodies and chords. Despite many challenges, we were grateful to have been guided by excellent music teachers and having good facilities at school for practice. All of us in the group were very enthusiastic during the song-making process.


Our hope for the future is that the people in our village realize that marrying at a young age is not good, and there are regulations prohibiting child marriage in every village. Education should be the top priority to ensure a better future.



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