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Another Busy Day of EBPP Health Team

By Yusli Harini, Health Team Leader

Today, February 23rd is another busy day for the health team in carrying out the YPK mobile physiotherapy clinic at EBPP Tianyar office followed by Posyandu (monthly mother-infants health post) monitoring in Pucang Atas hamlet, located on the upper slopes of Mount Agung in Ban Village.

Partnering with YPK, we provide free weekly therapy services for children and adults with disabilities; starting at 9 am, YPK expert therapists treated 17 children and adults who have benefited from these weekly programs. Dion, a 2-year-old boy, accompanied by his mother, has problems in his spine, arms and legs, which prevented him from sitting and standing, has benefitted from regular physical therapy sessions since April 2022. After undergoing therapy here for almost 1 year now, Dion’s condition has improved to the point where he can sit and move more flexibly. Seeing his amazing progress, Dion’s mother expressed how happy and grateful she is that this program continues to exist to serve people in need like her young son.

We then went to the Pucang Atas posyandu to monitor the progress of this program. Since EBPP initiated the 27 Ban village posyandu in 2004, we continue to build the local cadre’s capacity by continuous cadres training, as well as strengthening the Ban Village government to take over facilitating and managing all posyandu programs. We are very proud to see how well the posyandu programs have developed, now running optimally by applying the ‘5-table’ posyandu system, thanks to the Village government providing the required tools, and health workers from the Puskesmas (local community health centre) providing basic health services, thus beneficial to the respective communities.

The brilliant progress of these programs has strengthened us to continue working to serve people in need, as we believe that it is everybody’s right to attain the highest possible level of health.

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