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Campaigning the Village Issues through Creative Projects

Gede Sudarma, EBPP EMpower prog. Coordinator

 At the culmination of the EMpower Extracurricular Creative Projects, 75 junior and senior high students from EBPP’s 6 schools presented their creative works regarding the issues in their villages to their parents and village leaders at their respective community halls. They successfully illustrated their village issues such as struggles for dirt road upgrades, sustainable collection/disposal of plastic waste, promoting gender equality, tree planting, and campaigning against school dropout, harassment and child marriage through various creative media of documentary videos, short film/videos, music videos, posters and story books.

All students got a big applause after their presentations, verifying that their communities fully understood and appreciated what is important for the students and finally received full support for their effort.

“I am thrilled and proud of what the students are doing, and capable of creating such a great documentation of our village situation. I hope that this campaign can proceed to the decision makers like the government official as well, to create significant changes, especially with the dirt roads.,” said Wayan Sudi, a proud parent.

After the presentation, the students and parents enjoyed making various kulit ketupat (rice cake rhombus) of the Balinese offering while having casual talks as part of the parent engagement program activity.

The students will also continue their campaign with the social media movement @anak_ekoturin_ebpp to attract larger audiences and support. They also strongly hope that they can visit government officials to present their campaigns directly. Hopefully, their voices can be heard and get serious responses to create better changes in the villages.

On 20 February, we conducted our first ENT program at SD 5 Ban, the Belong government elementary school. Bali Rungu’s ENT specialist, dr. Debby and dr. Elviana, examined 85 students and providing immediate treatment and/or medication for students with problems, such as earwax removal and ear infections. On completion, they gave students informative booklets "Healthy Ears, Prevent Deafness," with comprehensive information on maintaining good ear health, including illustrative visuals and engaging colouring activities to make learning enjoyable.


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