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Updated: Aug 22, 2023

By: Ni Kadek Lina Meri Santika, EBPP Economic Teacher

On July 31, 2023, select students from various grades at EBPP engaged in a computer-based assessment simulation. This interactive session took place in a well-equipped computer laboratory, boasting robust internet connectivity. The online application employed for this simulation had been thoughtfully developed by the Ministry of Education and Culture. Notably, the laboratory also serves as a platform for students to enhance their computer proficiency.

The primary objective of this simulation was to familiarize students with computer usage and acquaint them with navigating online applications. Despite some initial reservations about working with computers, the students exhibited remarkable enthusiasm throughout the process. Teachers played a pivotal role in guiding the students, particularly those at the elementary level, through the simulation.

The overarching aim of this endeavor is to provide students with hands-on experience, bolstering their readiness to engage with computers and digital platforms. It is anticipated that through this simulation, students will gain valuable insights, cultivating a heightened interest in technology. This initiative not only equips students with vital computer skills but also aligns with the broader goal of nurturing a tech-savvy generation.

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