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Delivering issues through creative projects.

Widiyasri Lodu, Youth Empowerment Facilitator

As part of our extracurricular youth empowerment creative classes, we encourage students to express themselves through their works by addressing issues in their village as project themes. The goal is to guide students in expressing themselves freely, creating an engaging learning atmosphere and encouraging personal development and skills improvement.

Themes chosen by students vary widely, targeting ongoing issues in their village such as child marriage, school dropout, gender equality, damaged roads, etc. They express these issues through various mediums like short films, and documentaries, creating storybooks, and composing songs.

The students show their enthusiasm for transforming ideas into creative pieces by taking the initiative to craft their own song lyrics, film scripts, and determine tones and chords for their songs - with guidance from our music teacher, Edi. Additionally, to improve their results, they undergo training from a videographer and photographer.

They plan to publish the outcomes of their projects on social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook to convey these messages directly to the local residents and government to raise awareness of the challenges faced by their respective communities and through presentations and screenings of their works in the village hall.

As for the important damaged roads issue, they hope to get the opportunity to deliver their presentations directly to the relevant government department responsible for infrastructure.

May the works they produce not only motivate but also serve as a source of inspiration and a call to bring about positive changes in their community.


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