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Dissemination of 2022 Malnutrition Study Results

By Yusli Harini, Health Team Leader

On March 14th, we disseminated the final stage of the 2022 malnutrition study “Developing a Family-Based Nutrition Intervention Model in Ban Village”, in collaboration with the Faculty of Medicine, Udayana University including presenting the research results to the key stakeholders, including: Karangasem district government, Kubu sub-district government, Puskesmas Kubu II (Local Health Centre), Ban village government, village cadres, and government agencies including Department of Health, Social, Agriculture, and related government agencies.

We presented the family model approach that we have developed and tested since 2021, which involved 174 participants in 2021 and 177 participants in 2022, comprising 141 families of children under 2 years old, 60 families of pregnant women, and 150 adolescent females. Led by Dr Indraguna Pinatih PhD, the head of the research team from Udayana University, we then explained the research process in applying the family approach method, as well as some interesting findings and stories of positive impact from this study. Based on statistical testing analysis and findings in the field, this method confirmed it had been significantly effective in increasing the knowledge, attitudes, and especially healthy eating behaviour of the participants!

The stakeholders present, who were excited to hear this result, then had a discussion among themselves to respond to this satisfactory result and provide follow-up ideas to overcome nutritional problems according to their respective roles. The health practitioners from the local health centre were eager to get involved in learning and practicing this method which they plan to begin adopting in their program.

Finally, we would like to thank the donors and all parties who supported us in implementing this research which will continue in 2023 as the fourth year, with a focus on scaling up and assessing this family approach method so that when this research is completed in the fifth year, this method can be established as a tool to solve the nutritional problem in Ban village and other areas.

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