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Easing Anxiety with Ice-breakers in English Classes

By: Indriani, English teacher.

An effective way to ease students’ anxiety at the beginning of English classes is by starting with ice breaking activities that align with the theme of the upcoming material or based on previous lessons. This aims to evaluate the students' understanding of the material that has been or will be taught.

For these ice breaking activities, I divide the students into two groups. Each member of the groups takes turns writing answers on the board based on the questions I provide related to the material. These questions are usually simple sentences in Indonesian that need to be translated into English or vice versa.

This method is not only useful for assessing the students' comprehension of the taught material but also for improving their writing skills in English. Additionally, I find that this activity can boost students' confidence by encouraging them to participate actively and not be afraid of making mistakes when answering. Many students admit that they often fear making mistakes when writing or speaking in English, and this ice breaking activity helps them overcome that concern.

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