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EBPP Celebrates 2024 National Nutrition Day

Yusli Harini, EBPP Health Team Leader 

On January 25, 2024, Indonesia celebrates the 64th National Nutrition Day, with the theme "Breastmilk Complementary Foods Rich in Animal Protein Prevent Stunting", highlighting the importance of animal protein for children under 2 years old during their crucial phases of growth. EBPP joins this celebration by proudly sharing our commitment to prevent stunting in Ban Village, an isolated mountainous region, home to 4,000 families in 19 customary villages scattered over 50 sq. km. on the steep and dry Mounts Agung and  Abang slopes in East Bali.

Ban Village communities face challenges in consuming animal protein due to its unaffordability, aligning with 2021 data from the Central Bureau of Statistics, indicating that rural areas of Bali have only 6.7% of total daily protein intake from animal sources. Coupled with a lack of nutritional knowledge that leads to inappropriate feeding practices contributes to the high stunting rate in Ban Village, currently at 21.2% in 2023, down from 42% in 2015, but still concerning as the government targets a 14% rate by 2024.

Continuing our fight against stunting, EBPP takes a comprehensive approach to boost animal protein consumption in complementary foods for Ban Village children. Through the Family Gathering Malnutrition Study program, EBPP imparts essential knowledge on balanced nutrition and empowers families to select local foods fulfilling children's nutritional needs, emphasizing local animal protein sources. Furthermore, since 2022, EBPP has partnered with Bali Forages to distribute beef and chicken chips to children experiencing stunting, contributing to the broader campaign against stunting.

These efforts embody a commitment to improving nutritional practices within the communities. By fostering knowledge, skills, and meaningful collaborations, we are actively working to ensure the healthy growth of the children in Ban village, which starts in the first 1,000 days of a child’s life.


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