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EBPP Girls Voices Heard in Customary Law Meeting

By: Senin, Grade 12, Pengalusan School

On 5th February 2022, I felt privileged to join the meeting in Ban Village Office, with Ban Village Head, all 19 Adat (traditional community) leaders, sub-village heads, EBPP EMpower teachers and students’ representatives from EBPP’s 6 schools, to discuss the making of “Customary Laws” in all 19 traditional communities to end child marriage practices in Ban village.

During the meeting, EBPP teachers - with partners Photovoices International, Bali Legal Aid Foundation (LBH APIK) and local government provided data to the adat leaders about the child marriage situation in Ban Village and example of customary law in different Balinese villages.

I was also so happy to have the chance to share my thought about child marriage in the village in front of all meeting participants about the current condition of my friends who had to get married before completing school. I really hope that we can ratify the customary as soon as possible and communicate the new law to all communities in Ban Village.

Participating in the customary law-making process was very beneficial for me to build my confidence in the future. I really hope that, with this customary law, there will be no more students dropping out of school to get married!

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