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EBPP High School Students’ ANBK Exams Success

By: I Nengah Suata, EBPP Civics and Religion teacher

Following intensive simulations and rehearsals last week, our 11th Grade students from our Pengalusan, Darmaji, Bunga, Manikaji, and Cegi schools finally took their ‘National Examinations for High School Students (ANBK)’ last Saturday, 2nd and Sunday, 3rd of September. As we expected, they were well-prepared from the beginning to the end, starting from logging in with their usernames and passwords to successfully completing the tests!

On the first day, the implementation was full of challenges due to unforeseen technical issues from a partial power outage that prevented students from using desktop computers, forcing them to switch to laptops. However, all students eventually managed to complete the literacy and character tests. On the second day, Sunday, the ANBK proceeded smoothly without any obstacles, allowing students to complete the numeracy test and the learning environment survey on time.

With determination, all the students successfully completed this ANBK, which is intended to assess their literacy and numeracy skills. The results will serve as an evaluation tool for EBPP schools to enhance the quality of education.

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