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Successful Simulation Preparing Students for Equivalency Test

By: I Nengah Merdekawati, EBPP Senior English Teacher

The Simulated Equivalency Test for the top level students of our Elementary, Junior, and Senior High School was successfully conducted on Saturday, 4 May 2024, and all registered students for the 2024 Equivalency Test demonstrated enthusiasm during the exam simulation.

We carried out the simulations both online and onsite to acquaint students with the exam application before the actual test later this month. Through this simulation, students had the opportunity to practice using the exam application and enhance their skills in answering questions similar to those they will encounter in the actual exam.

In the Equivalency Test, students will be assessed on both literacy and numeracy skills to get their graduation certificates which is clearly recognized by the government and applicable for various purposes.

Thorough and adequate preparation is crucial to achieving good results and thus participating in the Equivalency Test rehearsal at EBPP is the first step to ensure that students can perform optimally during the actual exam.

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