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Importance of Local Exams in Evaluating Students’ Abilities

I Nengah Edi Catra, Science Teacher

This year, students in grades 6, 9, and 12, the final grades for each level, are taking both the government online equivalency test and the school exam, which are the local exams set by our teachers, for their graduation grades. Besides receiving a certificate from the online test, they're also taking the school exam for their graduation grades. This is an important exam that measures students’ capacity in understanding and applying the lessons given by the teachers. So it’s more than just an annual evaluation, this exam summarizes the students’ knowledge and skills at all levels of education, from elementary to high school.

To ensure that every student has an equal opportunity to demonstrate their abilities, EBPP teachers carefully determine exam dates. This year's equivalency exams were held on: 22 April for high school, 6 May for junior high, and 13 May for elementary level, giving each student sufficient time and opportunity to prepare optimally.

Some students felt anxious in facing this exam, but their readiness to study hard made them confident that they will achieve the b results. EBPP teachers always wish the best of success for each student by providing maximum support and guidance; they are not only teachers but also companions who care about each student’s development. We all hope that our students achieve the best marks as they progress along their education journey with EBPP.


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