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EBPP Schools Are Back to Online Learning

By: I Wayan Sumadia, EBPP Primary teacher

EBPP’s 6 schools started their new semester of the 2021-2022 academic year in January 2022 with normal classroom face-to-face learning while still following strict Covid-19 health protocols to prevent the spreading the virus. Sadly, since the rapid spread of the Covid Omicron variant in Bali, we’d to close our schools and students had to return to online learning on 7th February.

EBPP teachers had to prepare the online classes schedule for junior and senior high school while the primary students were handled by EBPP’s staff and local tutors delivering the hardcopy learning materials. As last year, the online classes were given through WhatsApp groups, but many students had problems catching up with the lessons due to difficulties finding phone signals.

Despite the challenges and obstacles during this pandemic, EBPP’s dedicated teachers still ensured that all the students could learn effectively. Since most of the students lived in different places, we had to divide the education team (teachers) so all the students could get the materials on time. Moreover, because of the students with different learning abilities the teachers had specially developed online-based learning activities which could be easily understood by every student.

We wish and hope that the pandemic will be over soon so that EBPP teachers can continue the face-to-face learning and meet the students in classrooms.

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