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EBPP Starts 2023 East Bali Students’ ENT Examinations

By I Wayan Darsana, Health Team

We are pleased to resume our annual ear health programmes, called ‘Bali Rungu’, with a 2023 target of 1,370 students from 16 government schools and 6 EBPP schools in Ban in Village, in our continued collaboration with YPK Bali.

On Tuesday, 28 February, Dr Yoga, ENT specialist examined 105 elementary school students at SD Negeri 5 Ban, located in Belong Hamlet, followed by his team handing out ear-health educational booklets to 70 Grades 1-3 students and providing snacks to 1st and 2nd grade students.

Continuing this program will encourage school students in our village to keep their ears clean in their dusty environment and improve their hearing not only at school but every day. As the programme.

We would like to express our deepest gratitude once again to YPK Bali and to Inspirasia Foundation for their continued sponsorship and support for ear health services to students in East Bali.

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