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EBPP Students’ Final Exams for Higher Grades

By: I Wayan Sumadia, History and Sociology Teacher

During the past 6 months, EBPP’s students have been engaged in both academic and noncurricular learning and from 12 to 16 June, they are fully focused on their final second semester exams for academic year 2022-2023, which hold great significance as they determine their eligibility to move to higher grades.

To support their preparation, our teachers assigned exercises and encouraged the students to create summaries of what they have learned to simplify reviewing the materials and reinforce their understanding - or encourage questions to get better clarifications on some subjects. While they are understandably nervous, they are also filled with excitement. They view these exams as an opportunity to showcase their knowledge and their readiness for moving up to the next grade.

We extend our best wishes to all the students at EBPP for achieving their best exam result! We have faith in their abilities and are confident that they will give their best efforts. With their enthusiasm and love for learning, we are certain they will continue their educational journey with passion and determination.

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