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EBPP Students have completed the real equivalence tests

By: I Made Suarjana, EBPP Education Team Coordinator

After holding a few simulations and rehearsals on how to answer the test questions online using a computer, our fourteen 9th Grade and sixteen 12th grade students took their test on 13 and 20 May, held over two sessions: Morning from 07.30 - 11.00 and the afternoon from 13.00 - 15.30.

Held in EBPP Ban office, I, as the coordinator of EBPP Education team monitored both sessions until all students had completed their test and verify that this equivalence test went well except for a few technical problems, which were soon fixed!

Our students were nervous at first but soon settled down and they had strategies for answering questions and think fast so that the time provided does not run out. They worked very hard for achieving graduate competency standards to get their graduation certificate!

We are very proud of our students’ achievements and successes. This is the beginning of their first steps before continue to the next ones, especially for those students who will continue studies at university level. Congratulations!

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