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EBPP Students’ Intensive Independence Day Preparation

By: I Wayan Kariastawa, EBPP Arts Teacher

The Indonesian Independence Day celebration is almost upon us, and all our students are super excited! They cannot wait to show off their artistic skills and creativity to make the event even more fun. With the help of their teacher, they have been getting ready for this special day with lots of enthusiasm and, we know they’ll put on a fantastic show, celebrating our country’s independence with joy and exceptional talent!

The first important step in preparing for the Indonesian Independence Day celebration is for students to pick a theme representing the issues that matter most to them: agriculture. This theme also acts as a platform to share important messages about stopping child marriage, sexual harassment, and the significance of education. It forms the core of their artistic expression, giving them a meaningful direction for their performances. By choosing this theme, the students aim to raise awareness and make a positive impact on their community while celebrating the event with creativity and passion.

The students from each EBPP school selected to participate they feel proud and excited to be part of the Independence Day celebrations. Tasks and responsibilities are assigned based on each student’s skills and ideas, with teachers acting as supportive mentors.

Intensive rehearsals are held from early July to refine their performances, which include a variety of art performances like Balinese comedy, Balinese dance, Genjek Drama, and Balinese Kecak. The students work diligently and support one another to succeed with their performance.

Through their art performance, the students not only commemorate their nation’s independence but also create a lasting impression of Indonesia’s rich cultural heritage, making the celebration a memorable and meaningful event for all.

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