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EBPP students love learning about computers

By: Putu Eka Darmawan, Computer Technician and Teacher

Computer classes at EBPP are really fun and interesting for students. These classes help them learn about computers and how they work, especially in the world of computer science. Students from all EBPP schools now have the opportunity to learn about computers and due to the remoteness of our schools, I visit the elementary school students at their individual schools for more hands-on learning whereas junior and senior high students come down to our EBPP Ban office computer lab.

During their first week, students reflected upon what they knew when they heard the word “computer” and what functions they can serve during their everyday life. Then they learn about computer parts and components, called hardware, its functions and parts. They also learnt how to take care of the computers because they need proper care to last for a long time.

Progressing into the second week, they start using computers and laptops, by first getting to know the different parts and how they are used. In the third week, they learn about software, its functions and how to use it. Finally, in the fourth week, students began to use Microsoft Word, learning how to type and use its menus.

There are still more classes to come, a total of 12 in all. We are only in the fifth week, so there is a lot more to learn. As their main teacher, I hope all students from EBPP schools will stay excited about these computer classes. In today’s world, it is important to understand technology, and these classes are a great opportunity to do just that.

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