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EBPP Students Rehearsals for Government Equivalence Quality test

By: I Nengah Merdekawati, EBPP English Teacher

To prepare our fourteen 9th Grade and sixteen 12th grade students for their upcoming equivalency test, a new online graduation test policy introduced by the government this year, we held their second online rehearsal in EBPP Ban office on 6 and 7 May.

The equivalence test is an assessment that measures student competencies in literacy and numeracy skills for achieving graduate competency standards, and students who pass the equivalence test will get their graduation certificate!

Simulations and rehearsals were held to train our students how to answer questions using a computer, as well as practice their patience when the internet connection is unstable so that later they will get used to it and finally they will no longer be confused about the technicalities of equivalence tests.

The real equivalence tests will be held on 13 -14 May for senior high, and 20 - 21 May for junior high students. Wishing success for EBPP students!

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