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EBPP Students Thank Teachers on Teachers’ Day

By: Indriani, EBPP English teacher

Teacher's Day is a special occasion held every year on November 25 in Indonesia, to pay tribute to the extraordinary role of teachers in education. This year, EBPP students enthusiastically prepared cakes, snacks and everything to ensure a lively celebration. They took the initiative to also prepare simple gifts as an expression of gratitude to their teachers.

Many students also sincerely expressed their gratitude to the EBPP teachers who were persistent and enthusiastic in providing the best education for them. As the activity progressed, the teachers did not forget to express their gratitude to the students who remained enthusiastic and dedicated to the learning process.

This celebration was filled with various activities, from giving gifts, group photo sessions, to eating together. Meaningful speeches, both from teachers and students, were an integral part of this celebration. They expressed positive messages and good impressions as a form of appreciation for their dedication and hard work in the world of education.

Teachers' Day is not only a time to celebrate success, but also the momentum to build closer relationships between teachers and students. This celebration creates strong bonds between members of the education community, fostering enthusiasm and motivation to continue to improve the quality of education in the future.

Thank you, dear donors and supporters for supporting us to reach these milestones

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