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EBPP Teachers Continue Improving Themselves to Provide the Best

By: Ponirin, EBPP Maths teacher

Learning is a process that enables us, as teachers to achieve changes within by keeping up-to-date and relevant to ensure we adequately address students’ learning needs and help them reach their full potential. Accordingly, on Friday 19 May, EBPP teachers focused fully on lesson planning to prepare the learning process for the new 2023-2024 school academic year.

Before starting, we always remind ourselves of EBPP’s vision and mission, which is to help students to help themselves by ensuring they have the knowledge and tools they will need for their futures. Hence, we must prepare ourselves by creating innovative learning topics, materials and assessments.

In this process all teachers had freedom in designing their lesson plans by research, brainstorming and formulating their ideas to be relevant, current and comprising lessons and as well as students’ character building, which is important so that EBPP’ students’ output is not only to be knowledgeable, but also to have good character.

Our students’ learning enthusiasm keeps us passionate about OUR learning to develop ourselves to become the best teachers for them. Hopefully we will always maintain this spirit, not only now but regularly in the future.

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