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Educational Creativity With Computers

By: Putu Eka Darmawan, EBPP computer teacher

Technological advancements have significantly impacted the world of education, especially computers, opening a new world of creativity for students.


On Monday 27 November 2023, as part of our students’ first semester evaluations, as their computer teacher, I developed an exam that would encourage students to create a personal project that would unleash their talents through their imagination, to illustrate and present their personal project visualisation.

The theme for the exam of this personal project was different for each levels according to their respective grades: Middle school students were tasked with creating a birthday invitation letter, while high school students were assigned to create a simple certificate using Microsoft Word. Elementary school classes were however given the simplest personal project, such as making a bookmark using Microsoft Word.

Students were highly enthusiastic about working on this personal project-themed exam. As their computer teacher, I hope that this personal project will enhance their creativity using the skills and imagination they possess.

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