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EMpowher Creative Project Presentation to Expand Networking and Collaboration

July 2023 was a very productive month for EBPP senior high school students in their EMpower-sponsored extracurricular Girl Empowerment Program, giving a series of presentations to government junior high schools in Ban Village and other stakeholders in Denpasar and Amlapura as part of their social media campaign to expand their networking.

Starting enthusiastically with their first presentation on Monday 3rd July at SMP N 7 Ban in Temakung, followed by Bali Sruti, a women empowerment foundation in Denpasar the next day, on 5th July was an on-air joint campaign at RRI (Radio of Republic of Indonesia), collaborating with Bali Sruti, LBH APIK (Legal Aid Foundation), Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities of Ngurah Rai University, Social Department of Denpasar City, and other related stakeholders specifically to celebrate National Children’s Day.

On 14 July, they had exciting discussions with junior high school students at SMP N 4 in Kubu, followed by KISARA in Denpasar the next day; finishing their presentation series on Sunday, 16 July with an exciting discussion and sharing session at FAD (Regional Children Forum of Karangasem).

Each time, students confidently explained the topics and presented their EMpowher Photovoices Creative Project completed year that focused on 5 topics: damaged road, Child marriage, school dropout, tree planting, and youth & women’s involvement in their customary villages.

Most stakeholders in urban workspace were amazed at what the students were focusing on, yet shocked that these things happened in remote villages, especially Child marriage.

“It’s hard to believe that cases of Child marriage still exist in Bali. It’s a very sensitive issue to raise but these students are so brave. And it’s such a big achievement that because of them, 2 customary villages ratified their pararem (customary law) regarding Child marriage.” said Luh Riniti, the founder of Bali Sruti.

Although the presentation and the networking went well, the students are committed to continue working on these issues in another campaign: “Our campaign and presentation won’t stop here! We will have another impactful collaboration in future.” said 12th grader Doyok, confidently.

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