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English Club Excited for Indonesia’s 78th Independence Day Celebration

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

By Nova Agustiari, English Club Mentor

EBPP students’ long-awaited day has dawned, and the fervor is palpable as they gear up for the grand celebration on August 17th. Indonesian independence serves as an inspiration for students to embark on their journeys. The English Club, formed in February 2023, consisting of students from our 6 schools keen on mastering English, has meticulously prepared captivating performances. Beyond academic English prowess, this club empowers students to communicate confidently in English, nurturing both language skills and self-assurance. The event features music, drama, poetry, and lively mini-games, fostering public speaking courage. It’s an occasion for all EBPP students to shine, embracing their talents. Join us for a remarkable showcase at the 78th Indonesian Independence Day event in Karangasem’s Ban Village.

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