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Updated: Aug 22, 2023

By: Indriani, EBPP English Teacher.

The 78th Indonesia Independence Day holds immense significance as a crucial national event. In anticipation of this day, students from EBPP have diligently readied a medley of performances to mark the occasion. Each EBPP school is poised to deliver its own unique showcase.

Darmaji School is set to captivate with a blend of modern dance and kecak drama. Meanwhile, Manikaji School will enthrall the audience with both genjek drama and contemporary dance performances. Pengalusan School plans to elicit laughter and joy through a mix of musical and comedic acts. Adding to the festivities, Bunga School is gearing up for a musical extravaganza. Even the English Club is enthusiastically joining the celebrations.

This spirited preparation allows students to embrace their individual talents and channel their enthusiasm through exuberant rehearsals. Beyond the students, EBPP’s educators are equally fervent about welcoming Independence Day. The teachers have meticulously designed concepts for the upcoming performances. This entails crafting event schedules, defining performance themes, arranging suitable venues for the activities, and conducting thorough practice sessions to ensure the students’ impeccable presentation skills.

Collectively, the students and teachers are devoted to commemorating Independence Day with zeal, radiating a sense of unity and celebration.

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