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Environmental Cleanliness is Beauty and a Blessing

By: I Nengah Kartya, Manikaji Headmaster and social science teacher

Plastic waste has become a major problem for environmental pollution, both on land and in the sea; and even when much of it does decompose after hundreds of years, plastic particles still contaminate the soil and water. If burned, the smoke emitted from the waste can pollute the air in the surrounding environment.

On 3rd July, EBPP Manikaji school students spent the day cleaning their classrooms and school environment especially plastic waste, in preparation for welcoming the 2023-2024 academic year with a clean and comfortable school atmosphere.

All students were very enthusiastic about this activity, starting from the school grounds to the surrounding areas, as there is always plastic waste due partly to some students buying snacks at the small shop near school. Daily cleaning activities are usually carried out in the immediate school grounds but on certain days, they extend to the surrounding areas.

Hopefully, by reducing plastic waste, there will be no more pollution in the school environment and the surrounding community. A clean environment is essentials for a healthy life - and ma students feel more comfortable in learning.

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