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First Impression of Joining East Bali Poverty Project

Hello everyone, my name is Komang Ayu Dita Anggraeni. I became part of the EBPP Education Team as an English Teacher on the 7th of February 2022. Even though it was sad that I couldn’t teach the students in class because of the pandemic, I still got the chance to meet them once for the distribution of food supply held by the EBPP. In this activity, the team went to each school namely Manikaji, Pengalusan, Cegi, Darmaji, Jatituhu, and Bunga. The journey to send the food supply wasn’t an easy one since the roads that we took were mostly damaged. However, it didn’t stop the EBPP team to carry out their duties.

The first sight that I saw as I went to the first school was the students who diligently helped each other to clean up their surroundings. I was amazed to see how the pupils understood that the school belonged to each of them and they had the obligation to take care of it. The students greeted me enthusiastically and I was touched to see how they welcomed me as their new English teacher. Besides, the other thing that impressed me the most was the dedication that the EBPP team put in making sure that all the food supplies were received by the students safely. I’m so thankful that I can be part of EBPP and experience this by myself.

I wish my presence here will be beneficial for the team and also can help to keep the smile on the student’s face for a long time.

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