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By: Putu Eka Darmawan Computer Technician and Teacher

Hello, my name is Putu Eka Darmawan. I joined EBPP as a Computer Technician and teacher on 10 July, one week after visiting Ban Village to meet all teacher who explained their teaching roles in EBPP’s six school in Jatituhu, Manikaji, Bunga, Cegi, Darmaji, and Pengalusan, and were very welcoming and nice.

After orientation and briefing I was assigned to Manikaji school to teach elementary grades 5 and 6 about Computer basics starting with the hardware, teaching by example, and then the ways and benefits of Computer maintenance.

Later, in the afternoon, I taught Junior High School students in the new Computer Lab which is in EBPP Ban office. At the beginning of my lesson, I gave a brief introduction to computers, then hardware parts and also their functions and how to do computer maintenance. I feel very excited and happy to have the opportunity to teach and the students from the EBPP are also very enthusiastic about following the lessons that I provide. Even though Manikaji school is far from the city centre, it does not discourage students from learning

The extracurricular EMpower team also has many programs using computers and through this program it is hoped that EBPP students will learn more about the extensive capabilities when using computers which they can later apply when they are going to work and/or take further education.

I am very grateful to have the opportunity to join the EBPP Team, especially the EMpower Program. I hope my presence here will be beneficial for the team and that I can help the students’ enthusiasm for learning and keep giving a sweet smile and high enthusiasm for them always want to learn more and more.

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