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By: Indriani, EBPP English Teacher

Hello everyone, my name is Indriani. I joined the EBPP Education Team as an English Teacher on 12th of June. A week before starting, I was invited to Ban village in Karangasem to meet all the teachers who explained their duties of teaching in the six schools, namely Manikaji, Bunga, Darmaji, Cegi, Pengalusan and Jatituhu. The team was so friendly and welcoming me very well.

As part of my visit, I went to Bunga School to meet the students, followed by a teaching practice with the high school students. I was surprised and happy seeing how the students welcomed me enthusiastically. Even though the school environment was not as big as schools in big cities, I could feel their warm response to my introduction for becoming their new English teacher.

The English education team also has an English Club for students who want to learn more English outside school, which makes me so enthusiastic and glad that I joined the team. I hope my presence here will be beneficial for the team - and that I can help to keep student’s interest in learning and keep the smile on their faces for a long time.

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