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Fostering Gender Equality Through School Sports Competitions

By: Widiyasri Lodu, Youth Empowerment Facilitator

From 6 - 10 November 2023, our extracurricular youth empowerment Team took the initiative to organize mixed-gender Volleyball and Futsal sports competitions as part of our EMpower ‘Girl-Fund’ program. This was the culmination of a series of mixed-gender practice games held during 2023.

These competitions were not ordinary sports events; they served to empower our youth to be agents of change, confronting deeply rooted stereotypes and promoting inclusivity in the educational environment by bringing together girl and boy participants as equals.

The activity aimed to break down stereotypes in the local community that still differentiate between male and female. There is a prevailing view that sports such as volleyball and futsal are exclusively for men and boys, not aligning with the general capabilities of women and girls.

By organizing these competitions for both female and male students, the event demonstrated the transformative power of gender equality education in settings where such change is desperately needed. Recognizing and actively promoting gender equality is the path to a brighter and fairer future for all.

Please support our students to continue their education by donating during GivingTuesday, 28 November, and GlobalGiving has $1,200,000 in Incentive Funds that will be distributed proportionately based on total funds raised by all the participating NGOs.:

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