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Fresh, Fit, and Healthy!

By: I Ketut Madia, Physical Education Teacher

In this new semester, as the physical education teacher, I’ve tried to make my lesson become more fun. Hence, instead of primarily learning about sports from the textbook and only doing warm-up exercises, all the students now practice together in their schoolyard every morning, with varied activities such as volleyball, soccer, baseball and badminton.

The practice always starts with warming up by stretching and running around the field for 10 minutes, followed directly by the sports activities. In badminton practice, the students will learn the basic technique of holding a badminton racket, passing, as well as smashing. This physical activity allows the students to put the knowledge they learned in the classroom into real practice outside. All the students were very happy since they could have fun while also having a healthy competition with their friends.

I hope with a combination of practice and learning the theory of sports, the students will get new knowledge and become much fitter!

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